Tarakihi –The Passionate Chant

When first time I heard it from inside my “Silk Road” audio album by Vienna Boy’s Choir, I didn’t really get the meaning. But instead, the melody was so passionate. Tarakihi means a locust or a cicadas, so it may be said as the Locust Chant. As, Johannes C. Anderson wrote: The cicada’s song wasLanjutkan membaca “Tarakihi –The Passionate Chant”

Ada Yang Baik dan Juga Buruk

Setiap orang tahu bahwa kehidupan itu ada bagian yang baik dan yang buruk, walau kadang bisa jadi sebenarnya itu adalah hal yang serupa dari sisi yang berbeda. Beberapa hari ini saya sibuk dengan Green Gecko sampai terhenti malam ini. Saya memperbarui Desktop Gnome 2.30 ke versi 2.32, tapi ketika semuanya selesai dan tampak baik, setelahLanjutkan membaca “Ada Yang Baik dan Juga Buruk”

A Single Memory From Home

I was not in a good mood when travelling back home, and latter found myself not even better when travelling back to Jogja. I did nothing much back in my home, visiting some old friends and relatives, but I did enjoy everything back there. Ah, it just feel like refreshing my self over, and overLanjutkan membaca “A Single Memory From Home”

Silk Road: Songs Along The Road and Times

That afternoon, early in this month, I visited Disc Tara – a music shop which sells CD’s and DVD’s. I planned to look for an audio CD, a exclusive one perhaps for this trimester. I was entering the shop, and the salesgirl kindly asking me what kind of music or movie that I was lookingLanjutkan membaca “Silk Road: Songs Along The Road and Times”