Changing Disqus Font Size

Sometimes Disqus doesn’t show the font size that we exactly prefer to look. Some themes make it smaller than how it should normally be – “The Erudite” as an example. So I tried to look up what I can I do to fix this, even I dislike learning about CSS, I think I have noLanjutkan membaca “Changing Disqus Font Size”

Disqus not well enough on Nokia E71

I am using Disqus comment system on Bhyllabus, and trying to look up how it looks on mobile browsers. Well, I was using Nokia E71 GSM with HSDPA networks, and other is Nokia 3806 CDMA. On Nokia E71, using Opera Mobile 10, Disqus well loaded 7/8 point I think. On Opera Mini 5.1, hmm…, aLanjutkan membaca “Disqus not well enough on Nokia E71”


Many people dislike CAPTCHA as a part of form submit policy. Indeed this thing so-called CAPTCHA gave a better security improvement when we apply it, but it doesn’t give a nicer user experience since CAPTCHA pushes someone to read it correctly when it makes itself harder to read properly. But somehow, I just don’t thingLanjutkan membaca “Why CAPTCHA?”