Bhyllabus l'énigme

A Cahya Legawa's Les pèlerins au-dessus des nuages


  • Huh…?

    I think he always said to me… “huh, what you want this time, just leave me alone…” Continue reading

  • The Crying Husky

    I can’t take a nap this afternoon, a crying sound comes from the front of the house. Then I took my step to see what is going on. Ah.., suddenly, I said to myself, there you are… yup, another Husky. Continue reading

  • Hugging You

    How should I put every single of my careless act into some snowy poetry, or the spring would surely ended those masks this year. I haven’t met my expectation much this weeks, and I think again I have put so much pressure upon my own self already. What a wasted sigh. Recently, mirroring my own… Continue reading

  • The Dawn of Morning

    I woke up this morning with uneasy feeling. But despicable me, I don’t really care much about my own feeling lately – means from a long time ago as long as I remember it. So like I used to do every casual morning, I was buying a breakfast a cross of the mansion, when I… Continue reading

  • A Priceless Baby

    They who have been stayed long enough at “Wisma Cahaya Rembulan” should be knew the “Baby”. She is a priceless cute baby from the next yard, and she used to play around our veranda if she has a time. She really hates cats, always yelling loudly when a cat passing by. But she now getting… Continue reading

  • Meet Tobby The Brownie

    Recently, our dorm has a new guest – and maybe would become our new family member here. Few days ago, our neighbour found a small puppy beside his wheal, and the puppy seems to be so terrified and scared to human. Since adopting pets especially dog used to be uncommon manner around our neighbourhood,  he… Continue reading

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