Bhyllabus l'énigme

A Cahya Legawa's Les pèlerins au-dessus des nuages


  • Send Me the Night, Give Me a Lullaby

    I wish to close these eyes when the wind gets cold and the sky no longer dance in maroon. Yes my dear, send me the night, and shall hold it tight. Yes my dear, give me a lullaby, and shall we build a castle of sand in your gentle dream. Continue reading

  • Over the Rainbow

    My soul is melting, my days are shaking. If tommorow ever comes, I want to wake up on the land where no problem arises. Someplace where there isn’t any trouble. Do you suppose there is such a place, Toto? There must be. It’s not a place you can get to by a boat, or a… Continue reading

  • Before The Dream Catcher Born

    Where are we before the dreams born? Before we learn how to put our dreams up high, and fly to reach them later. I remember teachers always say to have our dreams as high as our imagining can reach it. Well, they sound said it easily like crossing our fingers, but in reality, if you… Continue reading

  • Cross My Heart

    Last weekend, I did watching some old movie from my collection. One of my favourite is “UP” by Pixar Studio and Disney. Yes, I don’t feel bore no matter how many times I watch and watch it again. It is a wonderful masterpiece which touches our senses of humanity, friendship and awareness. No body can… Continue reading

  • I Dit It My Way

    Maybe because today there were some hard times came upon all of us in the dormitory, I found my self on a very tired condition in the afternoon. About Four in the afternoon, I could hold my awareness no more. I have fallen on my simple bed, my eyes closed instantly. Where most of my… Continue reading

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