Bhyllabus l'énigme

A Cahya Legawa's Les pèlerins au-dessus des nuages


  • A Journey of Nowhere

    So, I ever imagined stay on a spaceship, break through the atmosphere into the darkness. Then what would happen if you lost the control over the shuttle? You might start a journey of nowhere. Yes, the feeling of getting on an endless journey – something that immeasurable. Continue reading

  • The Flowing Path

    I walk to the unknown, toward where the light is born. I am wondering what is behind all this excitement. Is not that I dislike a journey, perhaps since I met the traveler on that very night, my soul became a wanderer through joy and calmness. Continue reading

  • Secret Operation–Code: Moonhunt

    Its a little bit a while since I signed my last secret operation last year – The Moonarch! So, here me again, assigned to a new secret operation, which mean I’ve to leave Bhyllabus for the time being. I do not sure how long this operation would take me away from the cyber world, perhaps… Continue reading

  • The Beauty Within

    The outer side maybe reveal something that draws one’s interest. But a beauty within surely would attract every single awareness around. Something we just wanna hold those kind of miracles source, and never let it goes. But there is a moment where one just can’t hold neither grasp a moment for what would be believe… Continue reading

  • Life under the vast sky

    I remember clearly every time my heart whispers me, about the life under the vast sky. Even my logic can always tells me that nothing stays eternal, but seeing life flows in its natural way would be amazing every day journey. Yes, I would like to restart my pilgrims here. Tough I am not quite… Continue reading

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