I’m Not A Violist

Violin is remarkable and amazing musical instrument that human kind ever created. Everybody would easily fall in love with the beauty sound of a violin in the right hand. If there is a musical instrument I’d like able to play, I wish a violin in my hand. But a friend told me, even in aLanjutkan membaca “I’m Not A Violist”

The Broken Shell The Broken Mirror

I am the broken shell hiding in the mist of confuses, my voices try to reach the light that never exist. I saw the sun rising softly above my soul, trembling I said, you have warning all the land above the earth, but you never touch the endless winter in my heart. Holding my breathLanjutkan membaca “The Broken Shell The Broken Mirror”

Whispering Rain On Yogyakarta

Almost one month ago, Bali had entered its rain season this year. My family always call me to make sure everything were fine while I’m in Yogyakarta. And my answer always the same, if Yogyakarta is always sunny as ever (I felt like the climax of a global warming effect every day). I think JogjaLanjutkan membaca “Whispering Rain On Yogyakarta”

I Vote For Darkness

There were moments I can’t clearly grasp until this very day. Everything those stain as memories are evaporating slowly but certainly. Even for the most solid ones, they were being covered in some dark dust and mist. Yes, I was one try to recall all those moments to the present time, let them become clearLanjutkan membaca “I Vote For Darkness”

Lhagima of Bhyllabus Winter Project

I would like to inform that I’m currently making a new project, called “Lhagima”. The firts idea was come after the new blog on worpdress. Now, I’m making a new great deal about this one. My previous project was “Haridivanandha”, or less to wrote as “Haridiva”. You see, the three firts blog of mine usingLanjutkan membaca “Lhagima of Bhyllabus Winter Project”