Pilihan Fonta Linux untuk Karya Ilmiah

Pengguna Linux openSUSE, Ubuntu, Fedora dan lainnya, saat menulis karya ilmiah seperti tugas akhir, skripsi, tesis, ataupun desertasi mungkin akan kewalahan karena biasanya ada ketentuan menggunakan fonta khusus seperti Times New Roman untuk menulis karya ilmiah tersebut. Dan mungkin fonta dalam ketentuan itu tidak tersedia dalam pada Linux yang digunakan. Saya sendiri saat menulis skripsiLanjutkan membaca “Pilihan Fonta Linux untuk Karya Ilmiah”

My Prayer My Beloved

It is still rainy on my small city of Yogya this evening. I took a deep breath, and swallowing all the stillness around & within my consciousness. Then I shall share this ten minutes outside the sphere of April fool day that infected me since this morning.

Give me strength, liberation and devotion

A friend of mine wrote a classical chant which I used to sing it in the past. It was a beautiful song, which calm intuition within. This chant were give to those who gladly server for humanity with love & compassion. An old devotion for Lord Shiva, as the giver of unconditional love to theLanjutkan membaca “Give me strength, liberation and devotion”