Bhyllabus l'énigme

A Cahya Legawa's Les pèlerins au-dessus des nuages


  • A Soul Dances within the Wilderness

    I make you meet the great fairies, deep within the land that lays beyond ignorance. I make your dreams, flew between the rift of silent forest. So there, your soul may dance with the unknown, just like the new moon meets the sun. I am your beloved, the dancing partner of your love in this… Continue reading

  • Love is a Rebellious Bird

    Tell me, if you can’t love me, I shall love you. Since love just a rebellious bird, which you can cage it forever in each vegetative feeling. When will I love you? Good Lord, I don’t know, Maybe never, maybe tomorrow. But not today, that’s for sure. Love is a rebellious bird That none can… Continue reading

  • Affettuoso

    I don’t know how long it has been. Tiredness covers my every single noon. Even life connected each other, we surely don’t ever feel much of it. Then human start to take only his own burden, and I said to myself, we just forget what we used to be, or perhaps, we just never be… Continue reading

  • One Step Closer

    Yes, today as always for each passing year is the day of you and me. Perhaps you already walk beyond the heaven, while I keep walking under the same sky that we shared before that time came. I shall not call your name, nor shall you should call mine – since that is one of… Continue reading

  • If I Can’t Help

    Last week it took me by surprised, I thought Elvis Presley was resurrect and sang a song. Indeed, it was a wonderful song, and it’s a nostalgic tunes along the way to my mind. I wonder I would able to sing just as nice as that, but really, I can’t help – since I am… Continue reading

  • Those Colourless Wings

    The first time we met, I though I saw a fairy standing in front of me. Came from a sacred forest which I never heard of nor ever imagined of. You walked gently to me, as if your steps never touched the ground, as if you were hovering gently toward me. As if you owned… Continue reading

  • The Way You Pink Me

    I never know whether the words of yours made of lie or truth, I never got whether those glares would lead me to heaven or dragged my soul into the most bottomless abyss. But one thinks I do understand, that you are the life which never has a temple where I can worship it, you… Continue reading

  • I See The Light

    Tonight, I watch again this old animation about a girl with her dream to see the flying lights. Its bringing back so much memory. I think since the storyline so sincere. Continue reading

  • A Long Waited Goodbye

    Yesterday, at last, I give a proper goodbye after this whole years. I’ve give the second chance that was ask, I’ve give the long-lost feeling that has wondered, and I’ve come to the path that no one ever step in before. Continue reading

  • A Comes Again Feeling

    It is already one and a half-year we separated each other, took our own path, and keep away our very own feeling all the way. I was sure that we shall never meet again in the way we used to be. But life – always – unpredictable, isn’t it. Continue reading

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