When You Say Nothing At All

This afternoon I sit silently waiting a so huge file transferred to my computer, while I see a groups of girls chattering about their school and daily life. It was a nice atmosphere, while an artificial fountain sounded just like the natural one – yes it was peaceful hours. The sun might not set yetLanjutkan membaca “When You Say Nothing At All”

Our Heritages Our Legacies

It has been almost two and a half years since I joined UNESCO’s World Heritage in 2008. I just found again the World Heritage’s map stuck in some place messed with my medical textbooks. And its bring a lot of memories back there. I wasn’t an active member, just – you may say it –Lanjutkan membaca “Our Heritages Our Legacies”

I Will Always Love You

I have no rejection, nor shall I ask for more. I bound to nothing but one, something that has been erased from this timeline of my human form and my human heart. The last and lost poem shall never recover again, nor the pain within the permanent scars within. I’ve seen so many tears thatLanjutkan membaca “I Will Always Love You”

Rise Up Jogja!

After reading Mr. Jarwadi’s “Melawan Lupa Mengingatkan Kita” (in Bahasa Indonesia), I remember about the earthquake that stroke our province – Yogyakarta – precisely four years ago. It was one of most devastating natural disaster in decades. At that moment, I was on duty as National Chief of Webmaster & Documentation Division of SCORE –Lanjutkan membaca “Rise Up Jogja!”

A Single Memory From Home

I was not in a good mood when travelling back home, and latter found myself not even better when travelling back to Jogja. I did nothing much back in my home, visiting some old friends and relatives, but I did enjoy everything back there. Ah, it just feel like refreshing my self over, and overLanjutkan membaca “A Single Memory From Home”

My Fading Memories

I was listening my music collection from my old notebook. There is one song – instrumental by Richard Clyderman precisely – which remembering me something of my own self.  Yes, there is something – not a very common thing which I assume as a broken long term memory’s chains. Here is the simple way toLanjutkan membaca “My Fading Memories”

A Year Memoir – Sound of Ancient Tradition

Back then since I was still a crying baby who can do nothing but cries – though no much different today – I grew up in a small village, my granny house on a developing traditional village which now has turned into modern life. We lived as much as traditional people in Bali. If youLanjutkan membaca “A Year Memoir – Sound of Ancient Tradition”