Bhyllabus l'énigme

A Cahya Legawa's Les pèlerins au-dessus des nuages


  • Restless Mind

    When a restless mind comes, I don’t want just to stay still. I want to dance with the rain, I want to walk within the wind. When a restless mind comes, I just can’t let myself being alone. Continue reading

  • The Simplicity I Love

    I do love everything just being simple, perhaps since I am a complicated person. If I put something more complicated into my life, it would ruin everything. So a minimal exposure of complicated matters would be my policy, whether inside or outside. Continue reading

  • A Place You Called Home

    Back when I was about 8 – 10 years old, I used to think that the word “home” and “house” were having the same meaning in English, “a place where you live“, or at least, they have the same translation when come into my native language. But then I found, they were not used in… Continue reading

  • Clouds Before The Eyes

    Even my head starts to ache since this morning and the morning before, deep inside – somehow – I feel strangely lighter than before. I don’t know, whether this is the feeling we get when we manage – again, somehow – to let go the past; or it just a temporary stillness before the incoming… Continue reading

  • Seeing Through Nothing

    Perhaps you ever heard someone were asking to meet a professional that can help him for some personal problems, like stress maybe. “I need to find my physiatrist, I can find the way out of my burden right now.” Yes, something like that perhaps a close example, or maybe a simple ask for a friend’s… Continue reading

  • The Peace Within

    There is an old wisdom quote which said no matter how hard people was trying to bring about peace upon this world, there would be no peace they shall find, if there is no peace within oneself. We have hardly believe or simple put it in our faith, if humanity can bring together into a… Continue reading

  • Losing Focus

    Lately, I’ve realised that my focus decreased significantly. Like when I turned left when wished to go to right side. Hmm…, I think I should consider some new solution for this issue. Otherwise, the deliberation would make me feel like Vincent Law on the “Ergo Proxy”. Well, dealing with the unknown was never easy, wasn’t… Continue reading

  • From The Dawn

    I was sitting with my green gecko, so many things is filling my thought. I don’t know, something like move my consciousness back to the past. Like a simple question – where was I a year ago? I think a year ago was a hard time, a very hard one indeed. Well, thinking of it.… Continue reading

  • Idea of Being Happy

    Pursuit of happiness, that what most people seek in their life. I think – for myself – this idea of being happy, has already long time gone without a single trace. I do not disagree about seeking a happy life, well, happiness is the very root of a life fully above this earth. I love… Continue reading

  • Closest Rainbow at Farthest Sky

    Have you ever felt to be stand in a distance to something you dearest most? And the space then expanded until what you still able to see – only – the grasp memory of the one. We might be never can do something with space and time continuum, as how law of physic do its… Continue reading

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