Bhyllabus l'énigme

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  • Crossroad of Ancient Future

    I made some plans for what I will do in the next days after the next year. The thing is that those plans and I now where exist between a huge wall ancient norms and the opposing wishes of many people who I dear most. It is a crossroad between my life philosophy, my ideal,… Continue reading

  • A Day Off

    Tomorrow I’d take a day off from blogging, well, its Bhyllabus’s 3rd anniversary (or could be the 4th – I don’t remember that). You might see the new colour here – powered by Liquorice with Google Font API – or perhaps something like that. Like I said before, I have no plan – maybe just… Continue reading

  • Plan Before New Year

    Do you have a plan before new year? – a friend asked me. Simply I said, I have no plan – there is still a lot of things need to be done. Then time after time, moment after moment. I remember something that long has been forgotten. I am yet let my old violin dusty… Continue reading

  • A Home Call

    Yesterday, I called home – my mom, she wanted to say something. And I nearly got a heart attack when she said that she wanted to visit Jogja next month – are you insane?, I yelled in my heart, but instead I said, “very well, just be careful on the way.” There would be apocalypse… Continue reading

  • Sleep Tight

    Last night after a short meeting and dinner with Mr. Shadow Blogger – Dani Iswara, I came home earlier since I could not tolerate any longer the ultimate drowsiness – just like have been shoot by high dose of diazepam. Obviously (or maybe) because I did swimming on the noon before, and yet has not… Continue reading

  • Plan for Long Break

    I felt recently it was not a good moment for continuing writing on Bhyllabus, I hope for some breaks these weeks (damn, I just look like those mangakas). I did bore recently for writing, and prefer reading more articles on some old books, scrolls, or ancient manuscripts (what a pain) – and having my solitude… Continue reading

  • Silent Sunday

    Today I have nothing much to do, maybe since I got a low grade fever which made me shivering like a rat lost in north pole. I tried to validate this page according to W3C markup validation. Well, you may check it up and let me know if there is any error or warning. I… Continue reading

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Hello, I’m a general physician by day and a fiction and blog writer by night. I love fantasy and adventure stories with a cup of tea. Whether it’s exploring magical worlds, solving mysteries, or fighting evil forces, I enjoy immersing myself in the power of imagination.

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