Bhyllabus l'énigme

A Cahya Legawa's Les pèlerins au-dessus des nuages


  • A Soul Dances within the Wilderness

    I make you meet the great fairies, deep within the land that lays beyond ignorance. I make your dreams, flew between the rift of silent forest. So there, your soul may dance with the unknown, just like the new moon meets the sun. I am your beloved, the dancing partner of your love in this… Continue reading

  • The Humble Flowers

    I heard the sound, the sound of falling leaves sake their surrounding air gently, the sound of broken streams along just bellow the spring. I saw you were writing – a simple wish of this long journey, a vast dream beyond the very heaven could reach. Continue reading

  • A Place You Called Home

    Back when I was about 8 – 10 years old, I used to think that the word “home” and “house” were having the same meaning in English, “a place where you live“, or at least, they have the same translation when come into my native language. But then I found, they were not used in… Continue reading

  • Changed and Unchanged Things

    I remember if some friends I met after a long time, they would say something like, “Hey…, you have been change a lot”, otherwise, “Gezz, look at yourself, you didn’t change at all.” I don’t really know what was they seen in me back in the past. Or they just simply say some changed or… Continue reading

  • The Peace Within

    There is an old wisdom quote which said no matter how hard people was trying to bring about peace upon this world, there would be no peace they shall find, if there is no peace within oneself. We have hardly believe or simple put it in our faith, if humanity can bring together into a… Continue reading

  • Floating Tears within Wavering Soul

    There is a circumstance in one’s life that we may refer as uncertainty. When it should have been move, yet it has not. The reasons may vary, but no matter what, we call it uncertainty. Life has many form of uncertainty, even the subtle one. This feeling is like a sticky dreams, in one side… Continue reading

  • A Vague Writing

    Writing doesn’t always need a reason, a purpose, a target, nor a meaning. Writing doesn’t always a firm & strict form where we can manage everything according some codes or norms. Writing doesn’t have to bring out a mission, nor bring about public opinions. Writing can be simply put as a flowing water in a… Continue reading

  • Sanctuary behind one’s soul

    Like a nice spring that hidden within uncharted forest, there is maybe a same sanctuary behind one’s soul. Behind the mirror that always reflects its own surface look, but unable to reach something that never known before. A spring that gives living and provides resting for everything around its reach. And a sanctuary that gives… Continue reading

  • Trust between the grasses

    Life and one’s feeling were something like trust between the grasses. Bends in harmony when the wind blows softly, tries to be steady when the rain drops fall, and covers each others when the sun stroke mercilessly. Life and one’s feeling is something like trust between the grasses. Smiles with no tend to be a… Continue reading

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