Changing Disqus Font Size

Sometimes Disqus doesn’t show the font size that we exactly prefer to look. Some themes make it smaller than how it should normally be – “The Erudite” as an example. So I tried to look up what I can I do to fix this, even I dislike learning about CSS, I think I have noLanjutkan membaca “Changing Disqus Font Size”

The Erudite 2.7.7 Released

Matt Wiebe just released the Erudite 2.7.7, a charming typography based WordPress theme. As you can see that this theme already be one of my favourite WordPress themes, and I use it here on my blog. If you are interesting in this theme, you can find it at WordPress Free Theme Directory. And I justLanjutkan membaca “The Erudite 2.7.7 Released”

Apa Yang Baru di Bhyllabus?

Mungkin yang sudah lama berkunjung kemari belum tahu tentang apa yang baru di Bhyllabus. Sejak perbaikan pada blog ini (sebagaimana yang saya tulis dalam “maintenence warning”) ada beberapa perubahan yang terjadi pada blog ini. Pertama adalah perubahan tema dan navigasi. Jika dulu menggunakan tema ungu dengan cerah dan tulisan berbayang (tanda duka mendalam), sekarang BhyllabusLanjutkan membaca “Apa Yang Baru di Bhyllabus?”

Indonesian Translation for The Erudite

I just finished translating an elegant wordpress theme “The Erudite” by Soma Design. Thanks to Matt Wiebe who nicely guided me through the process, and thanks to Dani Iswara and Trimartono Muliawan – the members of BBC – who help me with a lot of better choices for vocabularies translation. There is some notes thatLanjutkan membaca “Indonesian Translation for The Erudite”