Otonan Under Volcanic Ashes

Recently, I love the melody of the afternoon, the ashes and the dusts just flew by around the people and the city. Maybe they never wish to do anything harmful, but they have no choice to become harmless either. And yes, today is my otonan, and Mom already gave me a call (and still askedLanjutkan membaca “Otonan Under Volcanic Ashes”

A Year Memoir – Sound of Ancient Tradition

Back then since I was still a crying baby who can do nothing but cries – though no much different today – I grew up in a small village, my granny house on a developing traditional village which now has turned into modern life. We lived as much as traditional people in Bali. If youLanjutkan membaca “A Year Memoir – Sound of Ancient Tradition”


Today is my “otonan“, maybe if you weren’t Balinese you might asking what is “otonan“? It is a local culture based anniversary or birthday in Balinese Hindu people. We traditionally do not have a birthday system just as the western culture has on their Georgian calender’s system (which is today adopted as international birthday system).Lanjutkan membaca “Otonan”