Little Sky and Big Flower

Sometime, and some other many times, life is just (more or less) about the personal point of views. And all pictures are about understanding, or perhaps the capability of knowing and accepting things that we call a belief. So there, including what we believe as to the right things and their opposite – the (perhaps)Lanjutkan membaca “Little Sky and Big Flower”

Colour That I Love

People may find this world so colourful, as colourful as they can pour their limitless feeling into everything around them without any hesitation, without any fear. Since their honest love are the very colour of this world itself. Colourful things around us, what are they exactly? How can they cherish us, or how can theyLanjutkan membaca “Colour That I Love”

When morning light trespasses my roof

There was warm and soft wave touch my dream before I realize my room even brighter than my heart. Morning always has an unique flavor to bring this warm feeling a living life out thee, and within myself. I remember a simple quote, "Ask not what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive…Lanjutkan membaca “When morning light trespasses my roof”