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Why tumblr is fun?

As we know, Tumblr is one of the popular blogging software/platform besides WordPress, Blogspot & TypePad. Since Tumblr has its own unique engine & user interface, it is hard for them who love blogging in a simple to deny its existence in cyberspace.

The dashboard, unlike WordPress and Blogspot, its design with futuristic navigation with the Twitter-like timeline (obviously you can sync your twitter account with your Tumblr). Or perhaps, you just like visiting Facebook in another dimension – it is totally awesome!

Tumblr doesn’t have us to create categories for our post, but instead its already provide us with the type of content that we would like to write, a simple text post (with title as optional part), a quote post (with citation as optional part), a chat/conversation post, a multimedia post (image, audio or video), and of course a link post – which I love to use it to bookmark an exciting page (and to create aggregator from RSS feeds).

But you can put tags on your post by adding ‘#’ before the word, just like on twitter when creating hashtags.

I would like to say, Tumblr is all in one blog engine – just like “Opera” in a browser, so if you like Opera Web Browser, you probably would be in love with Tumblr.

With various build-in theme inside the customize page, blogger now can choose which look that he or she feels comfortable with. Or you can buy a premium theme inside, from $ 9 t0 $ 49. And if you are good enough with coding and scripting, you can – of course – build your own personal theme. And each theme has not only different look, but also different function, one theme may have a twitter feed widget, meanwhile another theme only a simple dull post.

Is suitable for them who love to write her daily thought or just a short diary. And the support for a modern smartphone just as iPhone, Blackberry & Androids will make this blogging engine even more comfortable when coming to someone who loves traveling and post their idea, discussion, picture, and video, or quote local wisdom along the way.

And for me who use Nokia Symbian mobile phone, I can quickly post my content via Nokia Email.

Unlike WordPress, Blogspot & TypePad – Tumblr has no comment form by default. Sometimes people think comment may include just a not available section for a blog, – which – I mean, why do you bother to have somebody comments your text? So it is interesting, just like saying, “This is what I thought of it, please feel free to read it.” But it puts no, “please give me your opinions about it.” – Ha ha…, sometimes people just have no exact opinion about what others really thought of but only an abstraction.

There is still a way to put a comment on Tumblr post by using a third-party comment system. Tumblr is suggesting (and already provides a built-in) comment form by Disqus.

Tumblr also has features to connect your blog with your Facebook profile, if you write a new post, it would appear in your facebook wall.

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10 tanggapan untuk “Why tumblr is fun?”

  1. Hmm, tumblr ya.. saya juga punya itu mas. Lumayan buat sebuah miniblog.
    Cuma sayangnya saya masih belum tau bagaimana cara menambahkan custom widget di bagian sidebarnya.


    1. Mas Rismaka,
      Seperti custom widget adalah menu bawaan masing-masing theme, atau mungkin bisa lewat HTML editor-nya, saya juga ndak begitu paham. Karena sepertinya masing-masing theme membawa keunikan tersendiri.


  2. Hmm..saya mau buat juga ah…sepertinya menarik. 🙂


    1. Bli Tamba,

      Wah, silakan, siapa tahu banyak yang jadi follower nanti. Ha ha…, kadang saya pikir tumblr mirip twitter yang diperluas, atau twitter adalah versi tumblr yang diminikan.


  3. Aku juga make Tumblr Bli. Asyik banget pokoknya. Kalau dibandingkan dengan Posterous, aku milih Tumblr deh 🙂


    1. Padly,

      Yeah…, ada pendukung juga. Saya tidak tahu bagaimana Posterous saat ini, tapi dulu tidak memiliki keunikan lain sebagai sebuah blog kecuali dukungan publikasi ke jejaring sosial lainnya.

      Tapi keunikan tumblr jelas tidak bisa ditemukan di mesin blog lainnya. Ia mengusung idenya sendiri, konsep unik :).


  4. pake tumblr ya?? q pake Posterous soalnya bisa di share ke banyak CMS dan Jejaring social


    1. Andinoeg,

      Saya tidak mengikuti lagi perkembangan posterous, memang asyik dulu dari satu lokasi bisa publikasi ke pelbagai tempat, karena sedikit yang masih menerima publikasi via surel.

      Tapi sekarang sudah banyak penyedia jasa blog yang bisa langsung publikasi via surel tanpa lagi harus melalui posterous. Jadinya ya tidak perlu susah-susah. Tapi kadang saya juga ingin tahu, apa yang bisa dilakukan poterous saat ini.


  5. Belum pernah menggunakan tumblr


    1. Pak Aldy,

      Saya juga menggunakannya hanya via ponsel saja. Soalnya dashboard tumblr agak berat di jaringan 64 kbps.


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