Gmail Won’t Let Me Pass

One thing that Gmail from Google that gives me pain in my head – it’s never suitable for publication online. Recently, I build my mobile blog using all the services available – like Blogspot, WordPress, and Tumblr (not mention those project that still in halt like Space Live and TypePad). Since I’m using the old Symbian 3.1 OS, it means that the only way to blog from a mobile device is using the mail, whether it push mail or manually synchronized email.

For every publication, there is a secret mail address – where you send the publication/post. For an instant, WordPress has a private address like, and Tumblr would provide it with 3 digits number on the last, like

A couple days ago, I realized something wrong, when I post to Tumblr, my email got rejected. Firstly, I thought the Tumblr server has a kind of error, but it wasn’t; after I mailed WordPress, I still got the same issue.

Technical details of permanent failure: 
Message rejected.  See for more information.

Well, now after looking the explanation, I know the one who rejected my email was Gmail itself. You will find a topic about “Why was my message rejected?”

Here at Gmail, we work very hard to fight spam. This includes not only spam coming into Gmail but spam being sent out from Gmail as well. Believe it or not, spammers sign up for Gmail addresses in large numbers just to send out spam! To help do our part to keep this junk off of the internet, we bounce mail that we are confident is spam. Unfortunately, we aren’t perfect and will occasionally bounce legitimate mail. We apologize for the inconvenience.

There are a number of ways you can inadvertently confuse our automated spam filter, by sending suspicious-looking or spammy text, for example. By far the most common problem is sending mail cc/bcc’d to large numbers of recipients (“bulk mail”) to send out newsletters, invitations, etc. Since spam is sent to many recipients, our spam filter is slightly more likely to confuse bulk mail with spam.

Depending on your needs, there are a number of different ways to reliably send bulk mail that avoid the pitfalls of doing it manually with Gmail. You may be interested in trying Google Groups for newsletters/mailing lists or Calendar for sending invitations to events. Also, many other Google sites like orkut, Picasa and Youtube offer the ability to automatically notify your friends when you update your profile or upload new pictures or videos, so you don’t need to email them all yourself.

Geez, am I smell like a spammer? Haha… (could be). But I just don’t like it. I only send a single message to a specific email address, not to the entire world (but of course the message then would readable by the world as a whole: lol:).

Then, I think I should avoid using Gmail when I need to post my blog content. I still can use both Ovi Mail (from Nokia) and Live Mail (from Microsoft) to post without being rejected, even if you post ten times a day!

Now, I can continue my lifestreams without problems. But luckily, Gmail doesn’t have any issue when replying text from social network and of course from Disqus.

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2 tanggapan untuk “Gmail Won’t Let Me Pass

  1. mungkin juga alamat IP anda pernah dikenali Google sebagai salah satu pengirim spam…ini efek dari kebanyakan ISP di Indonesia yang memakai sistem Network Address Translation untuk alokasi IP dimana satu alamat IP public bisa dipakai oleh beberapa pengguna sekaligus…

    semoga masalah yang sama tidak terus2an berlanjut ya mas…


    1. Mas Rismanto,
      Sebenarnya dugaan seperti itu bisa saja. Tapi kalau publikasi via surel ke blogspot justru malah tidak masalah, tapi bermasalah ke XML-RPC lainnya, ini agak aneh menurut saya.


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