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The Nightmare in Every Fights against Infections

Tonight I found a clip from someone on Medibear. The nightmare that we run from, the desperate wall that we avoid in all cost – something that we call “resistance” not to us, but against our weapons.

In war, there is nothing more frightening than an enemy that we can win again, but we failed since they outsmarted us.

“This goes to the lady who complains because I don’t prescribe antibiotics for her child sick with the flu. To the patient who throws a tantrum because his throat hurts and wants me to leave him azithromycin. To people who take amoxicillin for a headache. For those who insist that for fever, the best is benzetacil, because it heals all infections and kills all “bugs”. This goes to the friend who only took half the treatment because he wanted to drink at the end of the week and because his bacteria adapt, they are adapting to all kinds of antibiotics, and all because of the blessed culture of saying “this doctor knows nothing, with antibiotics, I heal faster”. With you ladies and gentlemen, a bacteria resistant to all antibiotics.. #Medibear

Is there a hope for us?

We are not hopeless, but if we keep ignorant, than yes, desperation will come to us without invitation at all.

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