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An engineer as Indonesian’s Health Minister

When I heard the news said President elect a new Health Minister, I said in my mind, ‘obviously.’ But when I heard the new Health Minister is an engineer, I almost chocked myself, ‘eh?’ ‘really?’ and then ‘wow!’

As a medical doctor who learning health management and administration, I have long let go of my tendencies about medical doctor must be the officer of many important health administrators. I realize that most of our medical doctors in Indonesia love their humanity’s work as a physician, a healer, and some as a researcher. Few of us fall in love with doing administrative works.

I know in Indonesia, there is a statute that mandates that the hospital director must be a medical staff, whether you are a medical doctor or a dentist. No other profession may enter this chair of honor. And never precedes that our Health Minister but a medical doctor.

But this is new, totally new.

Managing a nation’s health business is a big responsibility. Bigger than being a medical officer or hospital leader. We are talking about the wellbeing, the healthiness of hundreds millions of Indonesia citizens. In this time of crisis, I believe we need more than a doctor, but yes, I also believe we still need a heart that full of compassion to guide the skillful mind to maneuver in this uncharted stormy sea.

I wish year to come would be a bright, clean endeavor, no longer a messy desk without chart or compass.

2 tanggapan untuk “An engineer as Indonesian’s Health Minister”

  1. Memang “wow” ya Pak. Dan, apakah …? Sementara …?
    Tetapi, kita lihat bersama saja. Seperti yang dikatakan IDI, yang penting team worknya …
    Sorry, kalau salah menanggapi.


    1. Penanganan pandemi di lapangan saat ini kacau Mbak, kita sebagai pelaksana tidak bisa berbuat banyak. Misalnya kita tahu kalau kondisi A, maka sebaiknya kita melakukan B. Tapi ternyata kita tidak bisa melakukan B, karena kebijakan tidak ada, dan tidak punya payung hukum, pada akhirnya mengarah pada tidak tersedia sumber daya. Ini kondisi yang tidak bisa diselesaikan di hulu. Kita sedih dan tidak berdaya, tapi semoga tetap tidak putus asa.


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