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Indonesian Translation for The Erudite

I just finished translating an elegant wordpress theme “The Erudite” by Soma Design. Thanks to Matt Wiebe who nicely guided me through the process, and thanks to Dani Iswara and Trimartono Muliawan – the members of BBC – who help me with a lot of better choices for vocabularies translation.

There is some notes that I would like to add here so you would not confuse with the translation because Bahasa Indonesia (the Indonesian language) has quite lot of synonyms and it was hard to chose the exacts words for the translation.

Here is some general and specific vocabularies from English → Bahasa Indonesia:

Home Beranda
Pages Halaman
Categories Kategori
Archives Arsip
Search Telusuri *
Post Tulisan
Meta Meta
Comments/Responds Tanggapan **
Tag Tanda/Penanda
Read more Selanjutnya
Link Pranala
Permalink Pranala tetap
Email Surat elektronik ***
Edit Sunting
Menu Menu
Save Simpan
Epigraph Epigraf
Citation Kutipan
  • * I prefer to use “telusur” than “cari” word for translating “search”, its giving some sense of accurate  perception on the task;
  • ** Both “comments” and “responds” were have the same translation, I prefer to use “tanggapan” than “komentar” since the word “komentar” not originally from Bahasa Indonesia (refer to: “bahasa serapan”);
  • *** I believe it more understanding, or you can translate it into “surel” the abbreviation for “surat elektronik”

There are still some phrase to translate, as…

  • RSS FeedPemasok RSS (I keep the abbreviation RSS since it widely understanding than change it into “Sindikasi”, which has a connotative meaning).
  • Comment ThreadingGalur Tanggapan, it was hard to find a good translation for this phrase, most people translated it as “Sarang Komentar” which comes from “Nested Comment”, but I found it to forcefully translated. The closest word for “thread” should be “untai” since its more aesthetic, but “utaian tanggapan” will sound funny at all – and far from good. So I chose “galur”, more reasonable and acceptable, and has a sense of chronological order. But for “The Erudite”, I would agree with Matt, that “comment threading” isn’t essential at all, so why bother?

Okay, I thinks that is for the notes. If you have any questions, suggestions, critiques, please be kind to let me know. So, here is the preview of translated theme…

Erudite in Bahasa Indonesia

And then here is the download links for the .pot .po and .mo files:

Download erudite_id_ID-LANG.7z (from Bhyllabus)

Download erudite_id_ID-LANG.7z (from

The files was archived in .7z, to extract it you may use 7zip or PeaZip or any other archive manager.

“The Erudite” isn’t my work (obviously) – all credit belong Matt Wiebe and Soma Design.

Satu tanggapan untuk “Indonesian Translation for The Erudite”

  1. Great job, Dr.Cahya. I prefer to use IZarc to unzip the .7z file.


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