Lhagima of Bhyllabus Winter Project

I would like to inform that I’m currently making a new project, called “Lhagima”. The firts idea was come after the new blog on worpdress. Now, I’m making a new great deal about this one. My previous project was “Haridivanandha”, or less to wrote as “Haridiva”. You see, the three firts blog of mine usingLanjutkan membaca “Lhagima of Bhyllabus Winter Project”

The Broken Page The Cloistral Words

I would like to write many things on this soft white page, but I’m affraid if I would make every body down again. Yes…, unfortunatly ~ dear friend ~ this page yet not ready to follow with my life motion. There is nothing yet here, this a a broken page ~ the cloistral words. ILanjutkan membaca “The Broken Page The Cloistral Words”